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Mission Statement

Let us Catapult You to Echelons of Success

Our mission is to give all students and under-served communities an exceptional opportunity to learn and to develop a passion for STEM.  We actively seek students who will benefit from STEM knowledge so they may prepare for the future and, in turn, pay it forward.


How and What?

We use a students-teaching-students model because students have a unique, relatable insight into the minds of their peers.  Our team develops curriculum and introduces STEM disciplines to fellow students through after-school programs, weekend workshops, and summer camps.

The STEM disciplines we teach include cybersecurity, computer science, and biology, with new disciplines being developed. We partner with under-served middle schools to build STEM-based competition teams. Please reach out to partner with us to serve your schools and communities.

Young Volunteers


Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) play integral roles in the sustainability and growth of our economy.  Together these fields are the leading producers of economy-strengthening employment.  STEM job openings are increasing more quickly than they can be filled.  Children who familiarize themselves with STEM-related concepts from an early age are significantly more likely to build a career in STEM. The ability to understand and address the most complex challenges of today and tomorrow is truly essential.

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