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Echelon Catapult's 

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Science Competition

The Echelon Catapult 2023 Science Bowl is an enriching and fun event for 5th - 8th graders interested in science! In this event, teams of students will answer questions on various topics of science in a “science bowl” competition format. Aside from the competition portion of the event, students will also get to experience fun science experiments hosted by our staff and hear from a student panel to learn more about high school life and STEM classes. Students participating in this event can register individually and be paired with other students, or they can register with their friends to form teams.

Competition Specifics

Run similar to the National Science Bowl, the main event is a buzzer-based team verbal competition that encompasses topics from all aspects of science. The students are asked to answer toss up and bonus questions within a ten-second timeframe to score points for their team. After all the initial rounds have been completed, the teams with the highest base score totals will be pitted against one another for the ultimate championship.

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