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Our Team

The students become the teachers...

 Our founding team originated from a group of high-schoolers meeting online to train one another through cybersecurity competitions. Each of us competed in the National Cyber League (NCL) or AFA CyberPatriot, and found ourselves wanting to share our knowledge with a broader community. Soon afterwards, local middle-schoolers joined us online, and we walked them through competition-like questions. Feeling proud and eager to help more students, we formed Echelon Catapult, inspiring everyone to be the best and accelerating towards the future. Thank you for supporting our mission, and welcome to Echelon Catapult!

Charles Sander

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Cockerton

Chief Financial & Operating Officer 

 Norah Zhou

Chief Communications Officer

Divya Rao

Chief Business Development Officer 

Nayeli Kojima

Chief Informations Officer

Shelby Rickards

Ali Zaidi

Alex Bertran

Jonah Reynolds

Kinnera Tirumala

Nikil Krish

Isa Gutierrez

Andrew Maulino

Siena Benvenuti

Yogja Singla

James Randall

Samantha Rickards

Kai Padilla

Lizzy Gibbons

Board Members

Julie O'Brien D.D.S
David Sander PhD

Mayor of Rancho Cordova

Thomas E. Jones

Executive Director of the Aerospace Museum of California

Justin Tsai

Jesuit High School Faculty and Cybersecurity Coach

Joerg Spantzel

Biotechnology Professional

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