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Past Programs

Use the tags above to filter through some of our 70+ past courses and events. Some of our courses have been hosted multiple times online or at different locations, and do not appear here.

To learn more about our partnerships with Jesuit High School, Saint Francis High School, and the Rancho Cordova Police Activities League, see Our Partners.

Science Extravaganza


Echelon Catapult presented its Science Extravaganza in which students were able to participate in a variety of science-related experiments, including making elephant toothpaste, constructing stomp rockets, and taste testing. Students learned about the biological, chemical, and physical principals that occurred in each experiment through various instructor led demonstrations.

Astrophysics Camp

6/26/23 - 6/30/23 (JHS)

Astrophysics is a course about space stuff: planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Students participated in a variety of experiments to learn about astrophysics concepts and learned about astronomy by creating hands-on dioramas.

Digital Forensics

7/17/23 - 7/21/23 (PAL)

In Echelon Catapult's Digital Forensics, students explored a branch of cybersecurity, which involves the investigation and analysis of material and activity on digital devices.

Electronics with Python

6/26/23 - 6/30/23 (PAL)

In this course, students learned how to program with Python and create amazing projects using the micro:bit - a small, powerful hardware platform designed specifically for teaching programming and electronics.

Scratch Coding

6/20/23 - 6/23/23

In Scratch Coding, students learned the fundamentals of coding in Scratch, a block-based programming language used to create interactive games, animations, and stories. Through hands-on activities and projects, students gained an understanding of basic programming concepts.

Science Bowl 2023


Run similar to the National Science Bowl, students competed in a buzzer-based team verbal competition that encompassed topics from all aspects of science. Alongside the competition, students participated in interactive science experiments!

Neuroscience and Psychology

6/21/22 - 6/24/22, 6/12/23 - 6/16/23 (JHS)

In Echelon Catapult’s Neuroscience and Psychology, students learned about the beautiful complexities of the mind on the cellular, anatomical, and behavioral level.

Introduction to Python

6/13/22 - 6/17/22

This course introduced students to the basics of the Python programming language through hands-on and creative projects and exercises.

Microbiology and Public Health

6/27/22 -7/1/22

Microbiology and Public Health taught students about the very unique multidisciplinary course that explores microbiology and applies it to the field of public health, an important subject during the current pandemic.

Robotics Engineering

6/13/22 - 6/17/22 (PAL), 6/27/22 - 7/8/22 (JHS), 6/5/23 - 6/9/23, 6/12/23 - 6/14/23 (PAL), 7/5/23 - 7/14/23 (JHS)

In Robotics Engineering, students developed the knowledge and skills to build a rotating servo robotic arm by exploring mechanical, electrical, and programming disciplines.

Cybersecurity 101

3/5/22 - 3/13/22, 6/27/22 - 7/1/22 (PAL), 6/12/23 - 6/16/23, 6/20/23 - 6/23/23 (PAL)

In Cybersecurity 101, students learned the fundamentals of cybersecurity such as authentication, encryption, PPI (Personal Private Information), malware, and more!

Marine Biology

11/6/21 - 11/7/21

Our Marine Biology class addressed oceanography, the smallest organism such as phytoplankton to the largest organism like the blue whale, ecology of marine life, and the human impact on ocean environments.


9/11/21 - 9/19/21

In Echelon Catapult’s Genetics, students dove into the complexities of DNA and chromosomes with Punnett squares, mutation patterns, and more.

Psychology and the Mind

7/17/21 - 7/18/21

In Psychology and The Mind, students learned about the fundamentals of the brain and basic neuroscience.

Periodic Table

5/29/21 - 5/30/21

In Echelon Catapult’s Periodic Table Class, students learned about the structure and properties of the elements!

Math Workshop 2023


Middle School Students were given a challenging math test and then later, were able to sharpen their math skills with Echelon tutors. They then took another test and were awarded for mastery and most amount of improvement. Not only did they learn new concepts, but also made new friends!

Web Development

6/12/23 - 6/16/23 (JHS)

In Introduction to Web Development, students learned how to build and design their very own webpages! Through a series of fun, engaging projects, students gained a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, the two key technologies used in website creation.

Chemical Connections

7/5/23 - 7/14/23 (PAL)

In Echelon Catapult’s Chemical Connections, students explored the fundamentals of chemistry and discover the wonders of matter and its properties through exciting experiments, hands-on activities, and interactive demonstrations.

Physical Forensics

6/5/23 - 6/9/23

Students learned how to become a crime scene analyst in Echelon Catapult’s Forensics! They discovered different ways to analyze numerous substances, fibers, and plastics that might remain at the site of the crime. In addition, they explored aspects of the human anatomy that can help identify the perpetrator.

Tutoring Initiative

Fall 2022, Spring 2023

The Echelon Tutoring Initiative paired middle schoolers with high schoolers for free in-person and online tutoring.

Math Competition 2022


In Echelon Catapult's very first math competition, middle schoolers from across the Sacramento Area teamed up to answer math problems, compete for prizes, and make new friends!

Anatomy and Physiology

6/13/22 - 6/17/22, 6/20/23 - 6/23/23 (JHS)

In this engaging and interactive course, students explored major concepts in physiology such as biological hierarchy, homeostasis, and cell specialization.

Life on Planet Earth!

6/21/22- 6/24/22 (PAL), 7/5/22- 6/8/22 (JHS)

In Life on Planet Earth!, students explored ecology: the science of how all organisms on Earth interact with each other and the environment!

Website Coding & Analysis

6/21/22- 6/24/22

In Website Coding and Analysis, students uncovered the world of websites through HTML and became ethical hackers!

STEM Career Fair

4/9/22 - 4/10/22

Echelon Catapult's STEM Career Fair showed students what STEM looked like beyond the classroom and in the real world. We invited guest speakers from various disciplines to share about their careers and stories.

Science of Geology and Earth

2/12/22 - 2/20/22

In The Science of Earth and Geology, students learned about all aspects of general geology from the beginning of our planet and the universe to the chemical makeup of rocks.

Applied Health Science

10/16/21 - 10/17/21

This course showed students what is actually happening when we sleep, what nutrition labels mean, and what healthy eating choices look like.

Forensic Science

7/19/21 - 7/22/21

Students discovered different ways to analyze numerous substances, fibers, and plastics that might remain at the site of the crime.

Neuroscience: The Science of the Brain

6/5/21 - 6/6/21

In, Neuroscience: The Science of the Brain, students learned about the structure and function of the brain, solved case studies, and discovered the science behind our everyday thoughts.

Web Exploitation

4/9/21 - 4/25/21

In Cybersecurity Web Exploitation, students had the opportunity to explore the world of website exploitation and became ethical, white-hat hackers!

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